Three ways to write to Elder Neuberger

Elder Neuberger can only receive letters and emails.  He would enjoy hearing from you, even if it is a quick note.  He may not respond with a long letter back since he only has a couple hours on Mondays to write.  You can always get the full report by reading his blog each week.  We will try to have the blog updated by Monday evening.

The easiest way is to email him at:


You can send him a letter using   This is a great way to get a letter to Mitch in Cambodia (and its free). They will print it and have it sent through the Church's pouch system. Letters sent by midnight Sunday will be printed Monday and sent that week.  Select "Cambodia Phnom Penh" in the drop down.


Do it the old fashion way and put a stamp on it.  You can also send packages to this address:

Elder Mitch Neuberger
House 2B, Street 222, Off Norodom Blvd
PO Box 165
Phnom Penh

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