Monday, May 9, 2016

The Two Year Mark

Elder Khiev eating what he thought was going to be a baby duck egg, but when he cracked her open he found basically a duck ready to hatch. Even he wouldn't actually eat it, haha. It had a fully formed beak, webbed toes, the whole nine yards. (More pictures below)

Hey! First off, Happy Mother's Day Mom! I love you! Thanks for supporting me and praying for me back home.

This last week was good. Lots of meetings and stuff. Tuesday we had MLC in the morning, then Wednesday was English class, Thursday was weekly planning, Friday was zone training, Saturday was an exchange with the Tuk Thlaa elders, and Sunday was stake conference.

This next week ought to be a great one too! We have quarterly interviews scheduled with President Christensen, and we have two exchanges scheduled, one on Friday with the Tuol Sangkae elders and one on Saturday with the AP's.

North zone baby! Took it after zone training friday

Stake conference was awesome. President Eng gave a great talk. He talked about how back in 2013, when he was serving as the district president, he was accepted to go study at BYU Provo to get a master's degree. Everyone told him he should take his family and go. He felt himself that he should go too. Only one person told him to stay; the mission president, President Moon. After fasting and praying about it, he felt that he should stay. So he didn't. After a couple months, the head of the company he worked for came and offered him a position as the general manager of the Cambodian branch of this company. He took the job and knew it was a blessing from God for being obedient. But, as he announced in his talk, that company he is working for is closing it's Cambodian branch this week, so he is now out of a job. He said you might be wondering why God would have had me stay here, to get a job that would be gone in just a couple years. But he said that he trusts in God and that he knows that this is His will. It was an amazing talk that helped show the members that he has problems too. Sometimes I think its easy for a lot of the members to look at successful, well-off people like him and think that "Oh well of course he can follow the commandments. His life is easy!" But that is an unfair shot. The members of the stake love him and the whole stake presidency though and appreciate the wonderful examples of gospel living that they give.

It was kind of weird not translating for stake conference. First time in almost a year and a half that I could just sit back and listen. It's nice to be able to do that.

On exchange in Tuk Thlaa this week went to the famous orphanage in Tuk Thlaa. Tons of members there. And Elder Smith and I made it on a poster there! Lets goooooo!!!

Well this week I'll hit the two-year mark. In two days marks 2 years since I was set apart, and then Saturday will be the official 2 year mark since entering the MTC. Doesn't even seem real to me. Leaves a bit of a weird taste in my mouth and an odd twist in my stomach as it begins to sink in that I don't get to be a missionary forever. I've loved being a missionary and I've given it everything I've had. That feels so good to be able to say. While I'm still light-years away from being perfect, and I still have to strive on a daily basis to overcome many of the same sins and weaknesses that I had before the mission, I've seen the Atonement change my heart and my desires through my mission. How can I ever express my thanks for such an experience?

I love all of y’all! Travel safe Mom and Dad!

Love Elder Burger

Found Elder Kim's CBR in the Tuk Thlaa records while there on exchange. Reading it gave me chills.

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