Monday, May 2, 2016

On your chest are two names

Elder Try let me borrow his selfie stick to take a pic. I didn't realize they had started praying already when I was taking it, haha

Salutations y’all. Hope all is well out in Texas, (the Republic of...), or in California (if your name is Maddie). My week was great. Lots of contacting . . . again.  This was our highest week contacting together yet though. Up, up and away! The work never stops. We're trying to find as many new investigators as we can. We actually do find a decent amount of investigators, usually about 3 a week, but they're almost exclusively guards at mansions/businesses and its very difficult for them to progress. But we're trying everything we can. We've really been trying to work with the members this transfer, but that also turns out to be tricky too, because about half our active members actually live in other areas (because members somehow can't ever seem to take hold of the "you really should attend your own geographical congregation" concept). We have had some success with less-actives whom we teach though! One named Phiap, who is the son of the first counselor, has come three weeks in a row! And Boret, the less-active son of a less-active recent convert, came this week with his wife! They're a real cute young couple. It was way cool to see them at church.

Elder Try was real sick one day, so we went back to the house so he could sleep for a couple hours. I went to the fridge to grab something to eat and I hear Elder Khiev softly singing the English version of "Did You Think to Pray" in a high falsetto and kneeling on his chair like this. Haha, I thought it was so funny, I had to sneak a pic

Well this is the 103rd week of my mission. I know that thanks to Elder Elieson's and Elder LeNguyen's weekly email titles, haha. Such a weird feeling to be this far. I still feel so weak and inadequate. I can't do anything unless the Lord helps me do it. Man the mission has been a humbling experience. I left thinking I was a pretty good person, but man, have I realized how weak of a servant I really am. I have participated in 50-plus exchanges on my mission, and I come out of each one realizing that there doesn't exist on the face of the earth a weaker servant than me. One of those exchanges was this last week with Elder Slavens. He came with me and Elder Try. He contacts EVERYONE. And I mean EVERYONE. I like to think that I contact everyone I see, but he contacts even beyond that. He was contacting people I usually don't even think to contact, like itinerant construction workers. It was awesome. Way fun exchange.

I've thought a lot the last few weeks about my setting apart blessing by President Spendlove, and the blessing given to me by dad right before I left. I have copies of both of those, and I read them weekly. I have seen every single blessing and promise made to me in those blessings fulfilled. Every last one. Blessings and promises were made which related to things which would have no way of being known by dad and President Spendlove, and they have come true. Those blessings have been a testimony builder to me of the power of the priesthood, and the Spirit which inspires worthy priesthood holders as they lay their hands on the heads of others. My patriarchal blessing is obviously the one that means the most to me though. Passages in it have been illuminated by my mission, so now some things that made no sense to me before seem so clear. I know it came from God.

The flowers outside our room are real pretty (in a real manly kinda way)

The mission is the best. I've had to learn the hard way that perfection isn't attainable by missionaries. Repentance is still necessary. You don't become a perfect immortal being just because you're set apart. But as you serve faithfully you are purified and become a much better person than you were before. I have tried to serve my whole mission in a way that would make y’all proud, and especially my Father in Heaven. I love what Elder Khiev always tells missionaries in our zone, that for two years you must forget yourself. You must serve with all of your heart because you don't represent yourself in the mission. On your chest are two names, and neither of them are yours. One is the name of your ancestors, and the other is your Savior Jesus Christ. I know missions are a divinely provided outlet to show our love for God. I love Him with all my heart. 

Love Elder Burger 

The bike mechanic was wearing a Texas hat yesterday

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