Monday, April 4, 2016

The beginning of the end

Another great week in Tuol Kouk – and another astonishingly fast one at that. Way too fast! It's flying by and I don't know what to do with myself. Transfer calls were last night. I will be remaining with Elder Khiev in Tuol Kouk! Way pumped to be with him another transfer. Also this transfer, Elder Osborne will be entering the office and Elder Uhi is training! Let's gooooooo!!!!. So cool!!

Today has been good. Went and played one last game of soccer with Elder Kim and with a bunch of youth from Pochentong.  Then we went and ate at this super nice buffet (that only costs $7) since it was Elder Kim’s last pday. We had a way cool group go. There were 8 of us. I can't believe Elder Kim finishes his mission on Thursday. Seems like just yesterday we were a couple young’uns serving together in Steung Mean Chey. Now he's done.

My area is doing good. We're still contacting a ton, and we're beginning to see miracles come as a result. One was a referral from Chaktomuk whom we called and invited to church and he came and we're going to meet with him at 5! I'm way excited.

This week we have a ton of events. Tuesday we have MLC, Friday is zone training, Saturday and Sunday is General Conference. I'm SO PUMPED for General Conference, I can hardly stand it. Thanks for keeping the spoiler alerts to a minimum, haha. It's nice being able to go in and watch it with fresh eyes. I've been rereading the General Conference Liahona from November like crazy, reviewing the talks. So many good ones were given! Can't wait to listen Saturday!

A cool story from this week is Tuesday all the missionaries who serve at the North Stake center were standing outside advertising for English class at rush hour traffic time, and lo and behold, Puu Mongkol, one of my favorite investigators from my training (who was actually interviewed for baptism and then a series of unfortunate events occurred and he was never baptized). He pulls up and says "Elder!" I was like "Puu!". He gave me his phone number and said he lives in the same house as before, on the railroad, and I passed it on to the Pochentong elders. 

Oh another thing is that on Saturday there was a huge classic Cambodian church party for Khmae New Year. Hundreds of people went. Elder Khiev and I briefly stopped by because someone called us and told us a really less-active guy we teach had showed up, after we had invited him to go earlier that day (his name is Jomraun). So we go and I run into a returned missionary who is back in Cambodia visiting with his wife. He said his name was Elder Shipley, and I was like "you're the guy who taught Puu Dee!" He was thrilled to hear that Puu Dee still talked about him all the time. I texted Puu Dee's number to him later that night. Pretty neat.

The mission is the best, I love it more than I can say. Seeing Elder Kim die is making it start to sink in that this won't all last forever. It's weird to think that. 
Sorry there's not too much today. I'm trying to hurry because Elder Khiev can't log in to his email for some reason and I don't want to keep him waiting.

I love you guys! Hope y’all have great weeks!

Love Elder Burger

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  1. hi elder! i accidentally see your blog here! oh i read some of your writing, it's inspiring!. Now i understand more better about missionary works. It's not easy!. Anyway, you and your team have done a great job. Hope to see you someday again in the future. I'm your student, Advanced English class. best,