Monday, March 7, 2016

The Week of a Missionary

This is jackfruit. It's like eating candy, it's that good. It's probably my favorite fruit in Cambodia

Hey guys! Man, it was a quick week! Elder Khiev and I are having a great time together whitewashing in Tuol Kouk. We get less and less lost every day. Now it's not so much us getting lost, as us not knowing the fastest routes to places, so sometimes we ending up taking a road somewhere that is three times as long as another route we could have taken. Kind of frustrating at times, but the key to learning a new area is definitely just not taking yourself too seriously. So Elder Khiev and I just laugh at our mistakes and move on. I think we'd go crazy if we didn't, haha. So much to have to remember and take care of!

The ward is awesome. Yesterday we had 85 people! I am the ward pianist again, as I have been in every single unit I've ever served in in my mission. Thanks mom for making me practice all those years...

So here is how last week played out:

Monday: went around Chaktomuk a bit, rolling with Elder Kim and his kid, Elder Khiev, Elder Meas, and Elder Slavens. Didn't do too much. Pretty chill. In the evening went to meet with our recent converts (the Elders only have two in this ward. Most of the recent converts in Tuol Kouk are women)

Tuesday: District meeting in the morning. Elder Slavens is a great district leader. Its way fun, because its six Khmaes and two Americans, so we just hold district meeting in Khmae. Afterwards, we had an appointment with the former district president to show us the houses of some less-actives the elders might not know. Met some great people and got return appointments to go back and meet with them.

Wednesday: Lots of contacting (we are contacting a lot everyday. Not a ton of people to teach yet).  Wednesday evening was English class. I teach the Advanced class. I LOVE teaching advanced class. I haven't gotten to do that in over a year (ever since I taught it in Stung Mean Chey with Elder Bostrom). Super fun not having to speak one-one all the time (speaking word by word super clearly). The advanced class students at north stake are probably the best in the whole country, because of the North Stake Center's placement right across from Royal Phnom Penh University.

Thursday: Weekly planning. A bit easier to do than it was last week. Improvement! We actually know most people now in the area book/CBR book.

Friday: MLC. It was a way productive one. Fun to be a part of it again. It's so cool seeing Elder Uhi and Elder Osborne in there too (they've been zone leaders for a lot longer than I have actually, haha)! Elder Khiev and I presented our vision/goals/expectations for our zone. Since our zone is so small we're really gonna focus a lot on chapter 1 and chapter 6 in Preach My Gospel to ensure everyone understands what being a missionary and an instrument in the hands of God really means. We're going to talk a lot about where the desire/motivation/power/authority/ability in missionary work comes on. We'll be doing all that in zone training this coming Friday the 11th

Saturday: Lots of contacting, trying to find those whom God has prepared in this area. We know they're out there! We've been getting return appointments, and we've gotten a couple new investigators, so we know we are being guided by the Spirit. God will definitely help us, but only if we put in the effort and sweat on our part. We also had a meeting with the stake presidency. All the district leaders and their companions and the sister training leader and her companion and Elder Khiev and I met with them in the high council room. (Its way cool being able to serve around President Lum Ang again! I don't know if y’all remember him, I knew him really well in my training. He's the first counselor in the stake presidency. He's also assigned to look over Tuol Kouk ward, so I'll be seeing him a lot!) They asked us how the priesthood leadership at the ward and stake level could better help missionary work to progress. It was a way cool meeting. President Eng is one of the biggest spiritual giants I've ever known in real life. Keep your eyes out for him being the first general authority from Cambodia. At the end we helped them plan a big open house they want to do for the north stake center, to help find new investigators and to help the community understand our Church and it's members better. It'll be on the 30th of April. It's going to be so awesome! More planning for that will be happening in the next few weeks.

Sunday: Church. We had lots and lots of people. There's several returned missionaries in the ward, which is a great asset. We're going to have ward conference next Sunday. I'm so pumped!

I'm loving serving with Elder Khiev. He is a master teacher and contactor. He relates with people so easily, and just gets how Khmae people think, what their hesitation might be in not wanting to learn, and he can address with them right there. Such a great companion to have. He's hilarious too, which is a good de-stresser.

That's all I've got. I met a guy from New Zealand this week by the way dad! Down some random alley. He had one of the hairiest chests I've ever seen in my life. Looked like he glued a bag of cottonballs to his chest. He was nice till I brought up how we were representatives of Jesus Christ, and then he said "yeah yeah" and said a word I've had the privilege of not hearing in almost 2 years. Haha, ohhhh people. Gotta love ‘em.

Well I hope y’all have great weeks! Have fun! Stay safe!

Love Elder Burger

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