Monday, March 28, 2016

The Barber

Elder Slavens mounted the traffic barrier in the middle of the super busy road in front of the stake center to contact for English class. What a man!

Hey you guys. Can you believe General Conference is just two more weeks away??? (Well one more week for y’all). How does it come up so fast?? The best part about General Conference is that it's twice a year! Imagine having the World Cup or NBA Finals or March Madness or Super Bowl or Olympics twice a year! I still can't believe it's come around again.

This week was much of the same as last week. Lots of contacting. But at this point in my mission I really do love contacting, like I don't just ចេះតែថា, I'm serious. Contacting is fun! And it's really fun when you've got a great comp like Elder ខៀវ who loves to contact as well.

This morning we went to play soccer again. Us, Elder Kim, Elder Khiev the Younger, Elder Slavens, Elder Hunt, and some youth from Pochentong. It's so weird, today is Elder Kim's second-to-last pday. Haha, I can't believe he's dying already. 

I wanted to share a story from President Eng that he shared at ward conference a few weeks ago. I don't know if he got it from some general authority or if he made it up himself. I hope he made it up himself. Here it is: 

A man goes to get a haircut at the barber's. The barber and the man talk about their lives, and it comes up that the man getting the haircut is a Christian. The barber does not believe in God. He says, "How can you possibly believe in God? Look at the world around us. People suffering everyday, our society falling into moral decay... I can't believe there is a god because of the awful, awful things that happen in our world everyday." 

The man getting the haircut didn't know how to respond. What could he say that would be adequate to help this man to know for himself that God is real. Frustrated, he remained quiet in his chair, unable to come up with words good enough to share with the barber. When the barber was finished the man got out of the chair and left the shop. He walked outside and saw a man sitting on the sidewalk. The man was very unkempt, with dirty clothes, long matted hair, and a cigarette in his mouth. The first man ran back inside the barbershop. "There is no barber here!" he declared. The barber looked at him incredulously and said "Are you serious?! I'm the barber! I just cut your hair!" 

The man replied, "No surely there is no real barber here. If there was, there wouldn't be a man sitting right outside this shop with long unkempt hair!" The barber was beside himself. "Well what have I to do with that? He sits out there on that curb everyday! He's never come in my shop looking for a haircut! How can I help him if he doesn't come to me?" 

The man said, "Exactly. I know God is real.  Sometimes people look around at the situation around them and say 'Surely God isn't real. He doesn't exist. If he did, these problems wouldn't exist.' But God is real. He waits for us to go to Him so that he may help us. If we never looking for Him, we will never find out that He has been right there the whole time." 

I thought that was a way cool story. Just wanted to share that. This week was awesome. I got to go on an exchange with Elder Le Nguyen!! That's the first exchange I've ever been on with him! It was awesome being able to teach with him again. So weird that it's been over 22 months since we taught our first lesson with each other. We've come a long way since then, haha.

I love y’all! I hope y’all had a great Easter and a great general conference weekend! Please don't spoil it for me!

Love Elder Burger

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