Monday, February 8, 2016

Happy Chinese New Year (and another blow to the mice)

Kampong Cham Zone
The festivities commenced yesterday for the second of three rounds of New Years. First was International, now is Chinese, and next is Khmae. So yesterday, today, and tomorrow everyone is drunk... Big bummer, but we're doing the best with what we've got!

So this morning we went to Kratie with the other Kampong Cham missionaries. It's the province right to the north of Kampong Cham (we got permission from President). We saw river dolphins! Some of the only river dolphins in the world are in Cambodia and we went and saw them! So cool, but it made for a kind of a hectic p-day. 

Mekong River Dolphin (photo courtesy the internet)

Because we were gone most of the day I have no time to share any experiences.  Next week I've got some wonderful experiences I want to share with y’all though, about our investigators and experiences we had contacting this last week!

Sorry for the short email! We've got to go and try and find a new bike tire to buy right now. Elder Walker's completely exploded yesterday evening, literally right in front of Puu Dee's house as we were riding along the national road.  In Prey Cho they don't have commodities like bike tires.  So if we want to get around this week we've got to locate one here in Kampong Cham, which will be hard because it's a huge national holiday. "Chinese holiday, drunk Cambodians" as the drunks all like to tell us as we talk to them. 

Caught 4 of the mice living in our AC this last week. Fed 'em to our landlord's cat.

Can't wait to hear from y’all next week. Love y’all!

Love Elder Berger

Typical evening meal of kuy tiav noodles and a fried egg and a coke. Super fancy!

Cambodia is full of geckos . . . everywhere 

Sunset a couple of days ago

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