Monday, February 22, 2016

Going back to Phnom Penh to die

With one of the most active member families in our area. Their dad just came back from working in the rubber tree orchards in Kampong Thom . . . he's a nice guy I promise.  The woman on the left is the other woman's sister. They all live together.

What a great week! Can't believe this transfer is coming to an end already. Another one come and gone. Can't believe how quickly transfers go by. This last one with Elder Walker was so fun. We were able to do so much work and see so many miracles happen. It really was a transfer led by the Spirit, largely because Elder Walker is a spiritual giant and can make those miracles happen by his faith.

So we got transfer calls last night. I’m very ambivalent about it all, haha. President called around 8:30 (as I was getting in the shower) and told me I would be transferring back to Phnom Penh, to whitewash in Tuol Kouk with Elder Khiev.  He is a Khmae elder.   I’m SO HYPED to be able to serve with Elder Khiev. I have been good friends with him since the night before he entered the mission (he is in Elder Uhi's group), when he stayed at me and Elder Kim's house.  Since then I've done a lot of translating for him at different meetings and have been on a lot of different exchanges. He has also been comps with both Elder Uhi and Elder Osborne, so he's basically family!

On exchange in Kampong Cham 3rd branch with Elder Uhi last week!

But that said, I am wayyy bummed about having to leave Prey Cho. I've only been here for 2 transfers! I just got here! I love the members and the investigators here so much. But I know Elder Walker is going to keep taking good care of them so I can have my mind at rest concerning that.

It'll be fun to whitewash. I've never white-washed before. I've always kind of wanted to; even though I know it's tough. Doing it with Elder Khiev is going to be awesome. Our zone is huge too! It'll be fun conducting training and going on exchanges with all the district leaders. The zone is packed with awesome missionaries! Elder Kim will die training in Pochentong, Elder Le Nguyen will die training in Tuk Thlaa, Elder Paramore will die training in Tuolsangkae, and many more young energetic hard-working missionaries! I feel like miracles are going to be happening in our zone!!

Church yesterday was awesome! We had five investigators come to church!!!  Ming Phen came, and her two daughters Leak and Liap came as well (her daughters doped each other to church on their bike, riding 4 kilos to church!). Pu Jan came as well, and he was reunited with Pu Dee, who is an old school friend of his, but they haven't seen each other in 20 years! I asked Puu Dee if he looked the same as before and he said "Yeah... But now he's... old!!" haha. And another new investigator, Rong, who goes to school with Moni (Puu Dee's son) and Borey (a recent convert). He's been learning for a week or two now and doing great! Ahhh man, I wanted to see all these investigators be baptized so bad. But that's ok. I had many investigators I had to leave behind in Steung Mean Chey be baptized within a month of me leaving there as well. I guess my lot is to be a planter and plower. I'm fine with that. Whether you're a plow or a sickle, you're still an instrument just the same.

I forgot to tell y’all that last Saturday (a week and a half ago) we got the six Kampong Cham elders to come out to Prey Cho and help us clean up the church, since the grounds have been overcome by weeds and the inside of the church is a spider/rat preserve. It was a blast.

Cleaning the church last week. Took this pic at Pu Dee's house afterwards.

Saying goodbye to Puu Dee and Ming Sophoah was so hard this morning. We stopped by their house on the way back from the market this morning. I know I'll see them again in a few months though. They are such a wonderful family. 

So I leave tomorrow afternoon. They have moved transfers up to Wednesdays now. I'm not sure how that will affect my own ending, maybe you'll have to ask the mission office. It's better like this now. The less lame-duck time, the better!

I love the Lord. I know He has a wonderful vision for this corner of His vineyard. I'm so grateful that He is allowing me to work side by side with Him in the great work of the salvation of souls. I'm going to think about these years in the Lord's service every day for the rest of my life, I already know.

I love y’all! Thank you for your prayers. They help so much. Be sure to pray for the missionaries serving in the areas where you live. Prayers aren't just vain wishes. They are real communications with a real God and He really answers.

Ohhhh have mercy! Mango season is beginning to trickle in. Oh how we'll make this chorus swell "រដូវស្វាយៗ៉ !

You gotta love when your landlord gives you soup at the end of a long day.

I wish you could feel the heat through these photos.

Trying to find a potential investigator's house in the backwoods behind Phum Baraay.

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