Monday, December 21, 2015

Turkeys and Elephants

Grandson/friends of someone we teach.  They thought trying on our helmets was the funniest thing ever!

So on the ride here we are riding in a van squished between about 20 other Khmaes, old and young. I'm in the front seat, with an ome broh on my left and the driver further on my left. We're hurtling down the road, and I close my eyes and start drifting off, slouched against the side of the van. All of a sudden I hear the driver curse and say "My word! All I really see nowadays are elephant statues, but look, it’s a real-life elephant!". I open my eyes and sure enough, we're passing a man riding his elephant alongside the national road on the way to Kampong Cham. ជយោ!កម្ពុជាយើង!

So there’s a fun story from our drive this morning. Our driver was funny. He had the Lord's Prayer memorized and kept reciting it when we told him we were missionaries. Literally just about the only Cambodian I've ever met who has memorized that.

We saw a french chicken (Khmae for turkey) in the middle of Kvet Thom the other day! What in the world... First turkey I've seen in Cambodia.

Other than that this morning has been a pretty typical p-day. Woke up this morning, showered, rode the 4 kilos to the market (which is the furthest from a market I've ever been in Cambodia), bought our food for the next week, came back, studied, cleaned the house, and waved down a van. Then we walked a kilo or so from the van drop off to the email shop, since we don't have bikes in Kampong Cham. Now we're here!

This last week has been way cool. . . as in temperature. In the mornings and evenings it’s been a brisk 70 degrees. I shiver on our bike rides home at night, because the breeze just picks up over the rice fields and douses me in cold. No enveloping dust/slum pollution to serve as a blanket for me this year.  Elder Smith loves the temperature though. He makes fun of me for being cold. Ohhh just wait till next year... Then he'll feel my pain.

As bad as I think it is, the Khmaes seriously pretend like the polar ice caps have shifted to cover Cambodia. They get all wrapped up in blankets and scarves and beanies and what not, hahaha.  Ahhh . . . it’s so funny. The other day we go over to our investigator’s house, who will be baptized in 2 weeks, and her son comes out of the house and he goes "Wheewee! It’s cold! I was riding my moto back from Prey Totung this morning and the wind made my face go so numb you could slap me right in the face and I would never know", haha. 

Out in Phum Srok Ontung, or Eel Country Village

Friday we saw the AP's, Elder Elieson and Elder Christensen! They were riding through Prey Cho after doing an exchange in Kampong Cham on the final leg of their khet trip. They dropped off a box of Books of Mormons that we requested and then we decided to go on a quick hour long split with each other! So Elder Elieson and I went contacting and Elder Christensen went with Elder Smith to teach our less-active first counselor! Way fun. Those guys are the coolest! Man I love my group!

Speaking of my group, I'll be going on exchange with Elder Paramore tonight. He's coming to Prey Cho with me after we have district meeting this afternoon. For district meeting, all the districts in the mission got a copy of the 2014 MoTab Christmas concert! Apparently the Muppets were the guests. So we'll see how that goes.

Yesterday at church we had special visitors! President and Sister Christensen decided to come up to church in Prey Cho with their son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter. So good seeing them again! When they pulled up in front of the building apparently their daughter-in-law said "This is the church? Like the LDS church??". Ahhh, the joys of going to church in a former sweatshop, overgrown with vegetation. Yes, that is our church indeed.

Got a chocolate craving last night. Only way to possibly satiate that on a Sunday night in Prey Cho is to go ahead and eat the remaining 6 days on your advent calendar.

I'm loving my area. There are some of the most amazing members here. And the investigators we're finding and teaching are amazing as well. Yesterday we had three come to church! Plus on Saturday, we taught both the first, second, and third lesson to different people, and all three lessons were amazing. The one time we taught the first lesson, to this one eyed lookpuu who we contacted a few days ago, the Spirit was so strong as we recited the First Vision. He was oo-ing and aw-ing as we said it. 

Well I'm excited to talk to y’all on Christmas (for me it'll be the 26th!). Love y’all!

Merry Christmas!

Love Elder Burger

This won't be remotely cool to anyone else, but I found a quarter in our house today! First quarter I've seen on my mission.

Hanaa, the daughter of Puu Dee. She's 3, and she's the cutest. Way sassy

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