Monday, September 28, 2015

No Coincidences

President Christensen is the coolest. If he wasn't my mission president I would call him a bro. But he is. So I call him President...

Hey so quick email this week. Currently sitting in a random internet shop that we found here in Siem Reap. This morning none of the Siem Reap Elders wanted to go to Angkor Wat, so Elder Elieson and I just woke up at 4:15, hopped on a couple bikes and biked out there ( it’s about 15 minutes away from their home) to catch the sunrise. The road to Siem Reap is so pretty, it’s just surrounded by thick dense forest. And the police don't stop the elders and ask for their tickets because the Siem Reap elders just ride past every day to go and visit their investigators! This morning we didn't actually go in. We just stopped out front of it and took pictures of the sunrise and then biked back.

There at Angkor this white guy with long blonde cornrows and a beard comes up to us. I was like "oh no, here we go". He gives us the typical barang opening-line: "Y’all Mormon missionaries? Geez I run into y’all everywhere!" Classic. Then we asked where he was from and he said he was from Idaho. Haha, we were like man, right in the heart of it. And then he was like "Today's p-day isn't it?" Haha wow, ចេះទៀត! And then when we were walking back to our bikes we met him again and he stops us and is just like "So are y’all stationed here in Siem Reap?“ and we told him that we were from Phnom Penh, just up for a couple days doing some training. He was like "You know what, when I was growing up we always had this missionary come over to our house. He was from Cambodia. I think he was the first missionary to ever leave from here. He had a way interesting background too. Like I think he was raised by a prince." I was like "WE KNOW THAT GUY! His name is Leang! He is our mission realtor! He's helps us find all missionary housing!" It was a way cool moment.

After that this man told us that he had actually completed a mission of his own just 8 years earlier, he served in Chile Vina Del Mar mission. That was a huge surprise. If you had asked me to identify the one returned missionary from the crowd of hundreds of barangs at Angkor Wat that day, he literally might have been the last person I would have chosen. God definitely works in mysterious ways though. Maybe that meeting was just what that man needed to re-pique his interest in what he taught for two years on his mission. Maybe I'm really skewed-thinking nowadays, but on my mission I have really come to disbelieve in coincidences. 

This morning Elder Elieson and I also went to the Angkor National Museum here in Siem Reap. That was cool. Our favorite part was where it showed the evolution of Khmae script from about 1500 years ago to now.

Well, no time today. I'm emailing y’all again on Saturday though, so I’ll save some stories for y’all then! Love y’all!

This little kid is way cute. He lives in this run-down building right across the street from Elder Rom and Cook's old house. 

Landlord's granddaughter. She's the cutest. The only downside of moving houses is not getting to see her anymore:(

We've been going back looking at the old MTC devotionals from when we were there. So throwback to the good ole days, when Elder Christensen, Elieson, Le Nguyen, and I were all famous

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