Saturday, September 19, 2015


Making faces with our landlord's two little granddaughters. They live on the first floor of your building. 
Every night when we come in, no matter how hard the day was, we can count on their little voices going 
"ពូអើយ!!សួស្ដីពូ!!" (Hey uncles!!!). It makes everything better

Hello! In y’alls emails y’all hoped that I had a bit more routine of a week... Haha, it’s funny because the office reminds me so much of climbing Enchanted Rock. Every time you think you've climbed to the top you realize that there is another ridge ahead of you, and it happens again and again and again... Just like in the office! For whatever reason I always think we're going to be done... But new stuff always comes up. Things just never seem to really settle in the office. You think I would have already learned that sometime over the last 4 months, but it continues to startle me just how much we have to do! I love it! Being busy and having things to work on really is the greatest thing. It makes me sick to my stomach to think about all the laying around I did in the latter part of high school and in college. Just a bunch of ពេលឥតប្រយោជន៏.

This last week was extremely busy. Most of the busy-ness was us preparing for the big huge trainer/trainee meeting we had yesterday.

So in the past we have always just done training for the new missionaries on that Thursday, right when they come in. Then transfers would be the following day. But President Christensen really wanted to try out having transfers on Thursday this time. So instead of training them right then, we really basically just shuttled them out to their new areas with their trainers and they just went straight into the work. So on Friday what happened is we had a big huge meeting with all of them (21 trainers and 21 trainees) at the mission home. Trainers and trainees from the khets came down Thursday night. Our meeting was from 9:30am-7pm. Sounds way long. The week before, the trainers were asking us, "How in the world is the meeting that long?"  But we really did have a bunch of great productive activities to help train the new trainees and get feedback from all of them about their experience. 

We started off the morning with President and Sister Christensen giving their backstory to the new kids. I've seen them give their story about 10 times or so now (from that big "Meet the President" tour we did a few months ago) but it never gets old! 

After that we did a four-station rotation, with each station having 45 minutes each. Elder Elieson and I gave culture training, which we primarily deferred to the trainers in each group, since they know just as much (well probably more to be honest) about Khmer culture as we do, plus we just generally GOT THEM PUMPED ABOUT SERVING IN CAMBODIA/VIETNAM!!!! It was so much fun. We felt the Spirit so strongly.  I know they did too, as we just discussed about the Khmer culture and what a wonderful opportunity we really do have to be servants in the hands of God to help this amazing people! The other stations discussed things such as the MSF funds, bikes, internet security (Cambodia's computers are a cesspool of digital viruses), and study habits... Just the kind of things that the កូន need to know. Halfway through we had a donut break cuz President Christensen is just cool like that.

At 1:00 we had lunch (subs) then we met back at 2:00 to watch the Christmas 2014 slideshow with pictures of missionaries last year. There’s a couple hundred pics in that slideshow, and after having closely watched that PowerPoint many times, I am 100% confident that I am in 0% of those photos. But it’s cool, I'm not bitter or anything... Maybe just a bit....

Then we broke out into 2 groups, trainers and trainees. Elder Elieson and I took the trainers and just had a discussion with them, getting feedback on how the training experience has been going for this first week, what they want to do better the remaining 11 weeks, what they expect from their trainees, what vision they have for their kid's progress and for their personal progress as well. Stuff like that. That group of trainers is solid as a rock, so it was a great discussion. After that we got back together and discussed what we learned from the 2 break out meetings. After that we watched one of our sick mission videos and then had a testimony meeting with all of us together. It was so powerful hearing the testimonies of those new missionaries. They're a great group. 

What's weird is that every single elder in that group except one is a Class of 2015 graduate... What the heck. When I finish the Class of 2016 graduates will be preparing to come out. Super weird.

For dinner we finished with Khmae curry. Ahhhh sooo good. Comfort food. Reminds me of last Christmas Eve when we were all gathered together at the south stake center chowing down on vats of the stuff. Christmas is coming up again sometime soon! So weird . . .

But the best part is that GENERAL CONFERENCE IS ALMOST HERE AGAINNN!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so close it’s ridiculous. Make sure y’all are going back and reviewing all the talks from last conference. Just like 2 more weeks left!!!!
Well I love y’all. Today we're pretty busy too. Last night Elder Funk from the First Quorum of Seventy arrived in town and today there is the Central District Conference. Even though Elder Elieson and I don't know Vietnamese, President wants us to go to take, and set up, and take care of the translation equipment.

Love y’all!

Elder Burger

Elder Osborne teaching English class. He's the english class leader for the South stake center right now. Both my sons make me a proud father:)

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