Monday, July 20, 2015

Pictures from Vietnam

Editor's Note:  These pictures were received after Elder Neuberger returned to Phnom Penh.  They are pictures from his trip to Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, Vietnam.  You can read about his trip in the earlier post from today.

On the plane to Ho Chi Minh!

Starbucks really is on every corner!

Communist party propaganda is EVERYWHERE in Vietnam

A park right outside of our hotel

Our hotel lobby

Ho Chi Minh

Tan Son Nhat chapel

On exchange with the Tan Son Nhat elders 

Riding over to the "Meet the President" meeting in Thao Dien


We were way pumped to eat McDonalds, if you can't tell

Ho Chi Minh McDonalds

Ho Chi Minh is full of HUGE bridges

View of Ho Chi Minh from a bridge

Thao Dien chapel

Vietnamese currency

All the Ho Chi Minh branch-builders

View from the Thao Dien elders' high-rise apartment

View at night

I was soaked from head to foot.  We'd been biking in the rain for about 3 hours.  My passport got pretty water-logged :/


Another view of Hanoi

Contacting with the Hanoi elders on the side of this huge look in the middle of the city

Our hotel lobby in Hanoi

Layover in Laos


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