Saturday, June 20, 2015

Survived My First Transfer Day in the Office

Sister Moon brought in an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen for my birthday! Ahhh so good.

and then I had to pick up a phone call right in the middle of the picture...

Whew! Transfers are over. It was so much fun. Absolute craziness for a couple days, but fun!

On Thursday we went in the morning to pick up the new missionaries from the airport. It was so much fun seeing all of them, especially Elder Medley! We put the four elders in our car and President and Sister Moon had the 3 sisters in their car. We drove them all down to​ Phsaar Orussey, which is a huge market, and we had arranged with a couple companionships of elders and sisters nearby in the city to come and contact with them. They were all like "wait whatttt, we have to go and speak Cambodian with native Cambodians right away?!" Ummmm yeah, welcome to the mission! Haha, I remember how crazy it used to be hearing what a native Cambodian sounds like. I still remember the first time we did TRC in the MTC, which is where we go and practice sharing lessons with returned missionaries and members, Elder LeNguyen and I had to teach this little old grandma from the Cambodian branch in West Valley. We had no idea what was going on. And then we would also skype to Cambodian members. Now at this point in my mission I've heard thousands and thousands of Khmaes speak Khmae and probably only about 150 white people (148 of which are elders and sisters). It’s so weird to think that a Khmae speaking Khmae used to be the weird thing to me. 

President Moon talking with the newly arrived missionaries at the airport

After that we took them back to the mission home. The rest of the day we were helping out with training for them. They were so sleepy the entire time.  Elder Eppley and I were cracking up. At one point, we were sitting down with them discussing a little bit about cultural changes they'll be going through and asking them about what they want from their trainer, and I just clapped my hands as loud as I could out of nowhere. They all jerked so bad, haha. I had to do it though. Dang jet lag...

Shoes at the mission home on transfer day.

Guess who I saw as I was walking out of the mission home with Elder Eppley on Thursday? We walked outside and all of a sudden we hear " Elders!" and we look up and we see this white couple riding bikes down the street. They turn around and come over to us and it was Lookruu Hill and his wife! Ah it was so cool to see him! We had just been talking about Lookruu Hill not even30 seconds earlier and then there he was! We talked to him for like five minutes. He'll be here for a couple months helping look over some study abroad students here. He said he might go to the Chatomuk ward on Sunday, because that was the ward he was born in! He's seriously me and Elder Eppley's hero. He remembered us and everyone in our groups so vividly too! It’s weird that it’s been almost a year since we left the MTC.

On Thursday we also had to go and buy like 25 bus tickets for all the missionaries leaving to go to the khaets the next day. Boy are all those travel logistics a nightmare! We had sat down and figured them all out a million times, but all the missionaries are constantly calling in and telling us that actually they'll be coming in a day or two early, or they'll be arriving late because of this or that. It was kind of stressful at times, not gonna lie. We also had to figure out who was taking whose bike and how everyone was getting where, and who would exchange with whom when their companions were in training meetings... The list goes on and on about things that have to be figured out before hand and then be changed right in the moment. Next transfer won't be as crazy though because there aren't any new missionaries coming in. Just a new mission president... It’s really weird now that the sisters in my group are now basically the oldest sisters in the mission. There is only group of sisters ahead of them and that group only has one sister in it, so they are basically the most senior out of them all. Starting in August Elder Eppley's group will be the oldest elders in the mission, and they are only 2 groups ahead of my group! Yikes!

I learned how to drive stick this last week. It’s really not that hard, it’s just a lot to think about as you're driving in downtown Phnom Penh craziness. It was really scary (and still is sometimes) the first couple times that I had to get the car in first gear on a downhill slope. The car just starts rolling backwards and you've got to engage the clutch and let off the brake just right so the car will get in gear and go forward and not roll backwards. But I'm getting a lot better. Elder Eppley is really patient (and brave) so he's a great helper.

Well there’s probably a lot more from this week that I have totally forgotten but I'm pretty ក្រញាញខួរ (brain-fried) right now sooo. That’s all I got. Love y’all! 

Love Elder Burger

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