Monday, June 1, 2015

Last pictures from Stung Mean Chey

Editor's note:  After Mitch sent his letter on Saturday he got his camera back and sent a few pictures of him saying goodbye to his friends in Stung Mean Chey.  The other pictures have been pirated from Elder Osborne's blog. 

Advertising for English Class

That moment where you show up at your investigators house and he has his "Stand in Holy Places' shirt drying out front from the young single adults conference he just went to. Pure joy...
Srei Lin
Om Ae and his family


Bong Ponlok and his family

Vichika and Maa

Puu Kosal and Ming Virilay

My favorite guys ever, Bong Viin and Bong Thol

Bong Viin and Bong Thol and their best friend Bong Duon, who has recently become outmost golden investigator.
Elder Osborne and I taking a 90's rap pic before I left.

This is me and Elder Quirante at EFY together back when we were 15 (he is from East Texas).  He found the picture, printed it out and gave it to me.

Bong Thol's baby. 

Me and Elder Allred in mango heaven

Our friend Vichika

Me and my boy
The Gauntlet
Empty streets of Stung Mean Chey during Khmer New Year

Teaching English barefoot.  It rained right before class.

The Young Men of Stung Mean Chey 2nd Ward. They are awesome.

Om Ai's kids sleeping on the sewing piles. 
Me and Elder Allred

Om Ai sewing "factory"

Stung Mean Chey
Elder Sok, Elder Allred, Elder Osborne 

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