Monday, April 20, 2015

Our bathroom is haunted

This little kid should give professional athletes tips on how to make the best thug face.

Khmae New Year is finally over!!!!! YAYYY!!! Finally we will have people to teach again, starting tonight! Most people got back from the provinces on Saturday night or last night, but theres still a trickle of people coming in from the provinces. This week was super rough in terms of proselyting. We only taught 9 lessons, although that is 2 more than the 7 lessons I taught one week in Pochentong! Silver lining! Tuesday to Thursday there was absolutely NO ONE here. The streets were completely empty. It was really hard to proselyte because not only did we have no one to teach, but we had no one to contact either!

Wednesday was our designated deep-cleaning/CBR record-updating day. It was good. One of the bathrooms in our house had a bird's nest in it, so we were finally able to clean that bathroom and pull out the birds nest as well as the ghosts hiding in the toilet. That bathroom doesn't have any water in it either. It's haunted. We don't ever go in it.

Phnom Penh apartments.  Looks a lot like the Village in Provo

Crazy house in Tuol Kook which we always see on our way to the soccer place.

Wednesday night we headed down to the south stake center with all of the missionaries in Phnom Penh and watched Meet the Mormons! Man isn't that movie the greatest? We loved it. A lot of the younger missionaries had seen it before, but the rest of us had only ever been able to watch the preview of it on It was a great movie, I think it was really well made and helped to show how members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are normal people. I'm still amazed at how some people in America still have such negative views of our church. I think this movie must have helped a lot to show people that we aren't some obscure cult-of-personality around Joseph Smith, but we are real people who love the gospel of Jesus Christ and have found the deepest most blissful happiness by following those teachings of our Savior.

On Tuesday we had a stake party for the few people in our stake who actually didn't go to province for Khmae new year. It was fun. We met the friend of a member there who really wants to learn! We're going to try to meet with him this week! The party was good, even though the music was a bit loud (Khmae's love to blare their music. I heard it comes from the time of the Khmae Krahom, because they used to blare music when they were killing people so you couldn't hear it). It was fun to build relationships with the members and help the recent converts and investigators there feel like they're a part of everything. 

Stake President hitting a Khmae piñata, aka a clay pot on a string

Elder Long and I wore our helmets to hit the piñatas, because we were scared we were going to whack each other.
Talking to Abraham, who came to the party from Pochentong

Elder Osborne is doing great. He's done great with the transition and everything. He's doing super well with the language! This week we've shared several lessons about Elder Oak's talk from conference about the different types of soil in the Parable of the Sower. It's a difficult lesson for a young missionary to help give, just because of the vocabulary that’s required to teach a parable about farming, gardening, and planting, but he was able to participate and taught way well. I was super impressed! 
Streets and places in our area

This past week we had interviews with President Moon on Thursday after weekly planning.  I love having interviews with President. He's just so wise and knowledgeable and loving and Christ-like. I look up to him so much. He has done so much for these two countries. It's going to be really sad for him to go. I hope that wasn't my last interview with him! Hopefully he does a parting interview with all of us before he leaves! It'll be exciting for President Christensen to come in though. Our mission is super super, super young right now, so my groups really going to have to step in and help starting in July!

Well I think maybe yall can detect that I really don't have too much to write about this week. I'm scrounging for things to write about. Yesterday I just remembered that I used to give yall a little info about the Khmae language. It's still way weird to me that yall literally know nothing about Khmae. Khmae has so many independent sounds its ridiculous. It has the largest alphabet in the world for a reason, and that reason is that there is a zillion sounds in Khmae. Most of them don't really exist in English. A lot of them have similar sounds in English but if you use the sound as it is in the English language you sound like a total dork in Khmae. In order to speak Khmae clearly you have to understand the sounds for what they are, you can't just compare them to their similar counterparts in English. I don't know if that makes any sense to y’all at all. 

But here's an example of some sounds in Khmae:
-a lot of the time I use the word " Bong" in my emails. Bong means older sibling, but its not actually a "b" sound at the beginning of it. It’s a . Its like a b, but you pop it. Almost like smacking your lips or something. I don't know how to describe it except it’s just like a b with a pop on it. 

-another sound is . In English you would write that as 'ng'. Like imagine the sound at the end of the word 'sing' or running'. That’s the 'ng' sound. Now try to make that sound be at the beginning of a word instead of just finishing a word with it. Haha it’s pretty hard at first. Now it’s completely natural. 

All the consonants in Khmae are pretty crazy, but where Khmae really starts getting crazy is the vowels. There is no way on this earth I can describe those sounds to you through an email. I'll just tell y’all about them when I get home. They're super cool, but they're what make Khmae hard.

We got emails about instructions for skyping home on Mother's Day! I'll skype y’all that p-day, so it'll be Sunday in America. It'll probably be around 7-8 in the evening when I skype y’all. Is it still daylights savings? What’s the time difference now? Can't wait until the 10th (well the 11th here) to skype with y’all. That was way fun last time!

Ok I love y’all. I still haven't gotten the Easter package yet, but hopefully it will be there when I go today! Have great weeks! Good luck with finals Maddie!

Love Elder Burger

Elder Allred always jokes about how he wants to mess with really new missionaries that the actual word for beef isn't koo, but krabei, which is the word for water buffalo. So he's always joking about water buffalo meat. Well Elder Osborne and I were going around contacting this week and I went past this sign and then immediately sceeched to a sudden stop when I realized that I had just read a sign for Water buffalo jerky! Haha pretty funny. I didn't realize they actually ate it. I have yet to try it though. I'll let you know if I try it this week.

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