Monday, February 2, 2015

More of a note than a letter

Saw some guys playing volleyball while contacting

Hello everybody. Hope all of y’all are doing super well. Apparently the super bowl was tonight. Last night Elder Allred, one of the trainees in our house, told me that the super bowl would be happening today and that completely blew my mind. I was like the super bowl? What do you mean? It was crazy, I hadn't thought about the super bowl for like 8 months. So hope all of y’all enjoyed that.

This week was probably tied for the fastest week of my mission so far. It blew by so fast. Elder Uhi and I were working very hard trying to find new investigators and help our current investigators to progress. One thing that is kind of frustrating right now is that about 3/4 of our investigators work on Sunday mornings when we have church. We are trying so hard to help them to have the faith to ask time off from their boss or to switch jobs or to pray for a miracle to help them go to church. I know that God will help us follow the commandments that He gives to us.

Elder Uhi and I had the coolest lesson yesterday with this new investigator named Somnang. He is super smart. He speaks Khmae, Thai, Lao, French, and English all fluently. We met him one day when we were holding English signs in the middle of the afternoon and he came up to tell us that that was unnecessary and that we could just stick the sign up on the fence and walk inside and enjoy the shade. I don't really remember how it happened but somehow the conversation was changed to the gospel and it turns out that he's a Christian and he agreed to meet with us! So yesterday we taught the message of the Restoration with him. The Spirit was so strong the whole lesson, particularly during the First Vision. I had another one of those Abinadi moments where I felt like Elder Uhi and I surely must be glowing with the Spirit. I know that he could feel it too and that it touched him. At the end of the lesson he was overcome when we presented him his own personal copy of the Book of Mormon. He was so touched that we would give him a copy of his very own. He said " Elders, you haven't given me power or riches or anything like that. The gift that you have given me is even more precious than all of that. You have given me a volume of scripture which is precious to you and which you claim to be true. Well I know that through this gift which you have given me I will be able to have eternal life and have eternal riches and treasures in heaven with Heavenly Father." We were like "YES, YES, EVERYTHING YOU'VE SAID IS TRUE SOMNANG!" It was such a cool lesson. I'm so grateful for the real teacher, the Holy Ghost, which helps the people we teach to know the truth of our message.

This week I don't have really have too much that’s new. Sorry. Next week is transfer calls. If anyone in our house is switching it'll be Elder Kim. We'll see if he gets transferred or not. Hope y’all enjoy the pics I sent. Everything is going good here in Cambodia. Love y’all!

Elder Burger

Stung Mean Chey is a desert/garbage dump in the middle of the tropics

Truck full of pigs

"The District" starring the Neuberger and Hansen families.  Editors note:  "The District", a training film viewed by all missionaries worldwide was filmed in our ward when Elder Neuberger was about 10 or 11 years old.  He is sitting on the far left in the next picture.

I yelled "That's me and my family!", then I showed everyone in our house. They all thought that it was crazy.

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