Monday, December 15, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Ok let me start off by saying that I remembered my camera cable this week. I took so many great pictures, I have so, so, so many, but the computers at this cafe are super weird and don't have a port for my camera cable and I'm not in my area right now so I don't know where any other places are. So here's what I'm going to do:

Next week we do not have p-day on Monday because of mission conference on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday morning I will be skyping y’all. That morning (Christmas evening for y’all) please have your emails open all evening so I can coordinate with y’all and so on. Please also email me y’alls skype information some time this week so I can be ready to call y’all. But anyways, about pictures, I won't be sending a big group email next week but what I will do is just update y’all on all my pictures. So next week instead of emailing y’all, I will send y’all like 75 photos after I'm done skyping. I'll only be able to skype for a maximum of 40 minutes so if y’all are going to be allotting individual time, keep in mind that I've got a grand total of 40 minutes.

Super super super good week this week. We keep finding more and more people to teach. Actually on several occasions this week recent converts and investigators called us randomly and were like "Hey are y’all free right now?!" Haha. it is so nice when the people in our teaching pool facilitate the scheduling process on their own. Members and investigators call us and tell us all the time about neighbors and friends and cousins and kids they have that want to learn. This last week Elder Kim and I taught 40 lessons!!! Its crazy how fast the work is expanding here! (By the way have y’all ever seen the photo of the Nigerian saints standing in a line, waiting to be baptized in a river? It was taken right after Nigeria was opened in the 1970's. Google "Nigerian saints, baptism, lds" and you ought to be able to find it. It was hanging up on a wall in the MTC. One of the most epic baptism photos ever.)

I think this is the picture Mitch is speaking of

This week on Tuesday I got super sick with the flu. It was not fun whatsoever. I woke up and felt awful; I had the chills and the aches so bad. I was so cold that the only thing I could do to warm up my limbs was to rub my freezing arms against my burning hot, feverish forehead. I tried going out and proselyting and I really gave it my all in trying to push through it because we had a lot of appointments that day.  But at around 3 o’clock it got to the point where I was like "ok I'm about to keel over off my bike and be run over by a dump truck any minute now". So we went back to the house and I rested for a couple hours before we went back out and did evening appointments. It took a couple days for all the symptoms to clear. It's only the second time I've been seriously ill on the mission, but it is not something I would like to experience a third time. Being sick without your mommy isn't fun. One of the great things about having a companion though is that you have a worthy Melchizidek priesthood holder by your side 24/7, so Elder Kim was able to give me a priesthood blessing. That helped a lot.

So needless to say, Christmas is almost here! Just a week and a half away! On Christmas Eve day we are going to be having activities all day. We all go out and do service with each other (all the missionaries in Cambodia and Vietnam gather together for two days) in the morning, then we have a talent show, white elephant game, Christmas dinner, and other fun stuff. On Christmas day we have mission conference till about 4, then we go and do weekly planning the rest of the day. On the morning of the 26th I'll skype y’all (to repeat, that is evening on the 25th for y’all). Expect it around 8 or 9 in the morning here, which I believe is 7 or 8 in the evening there. But kind of have the computer ready to go all evening.

I'm so sorry, this is one of those weeks where I've got like 30 minutes to email. That's all I have, I'm so excited to talk with y’all next week! I won't be able to communicate with y’all till then so Merry Christmas, and Merry Christmas Eve too! 

Love Elder Burger

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