Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Bonus - PICTURES!

Editor's note:  We had a great time Skyping with Elder Neuberger Christmas evening.  We won't speak a gain until Mother's Day.  He is doing really well -- looks good, feels great, so happy to be serving the Lord.  He loves what he is doing and you could really feel it as he talked about his mission and experiences.  After the call, and while waiting for another companionship to finish at the internet cafe, he sent pictures from the last few weeks.  There is a series of pictures from when they visited one of the provinces on a Pday.  They went to visit the home of a recent convert who works in Phnom Penh, but whose family lives in one of the nearby provinces.

May the odds be ever in your favor!

from my exchange in Chatomuk

Back in my area in Stung Mean Chey

Khmae nativity.  If you want one mom, let me know and I can arrange for you to get one.

Super deep holes with a path a foot wide on the side.  Super near death.  The picture doesn't do it justice.
Elder Ang (right), Elder Kim (center), and a recent convert of Elder Ang's on the ride to Kampung Chhnang. 
Kampung Chhnang

Me and Elder Duffy

Recent convert's house

Cows pulling a cart.  A super common sight in Cambodia, even in Phnom Penh.  This is in Kampung Chhnang

Don't take too many selfless cuz they're awkward, but here's one anyways.

Me and Elder Kim (hahaha, I knew y'all were going to say his name just like the English name "Kim".  Haha, nice try)  Editor:  it is pronounced "Keem"

Maybe the most awkward picture I've ever taken.  I promise I thought I was making a normal pose, but when I went back and looked at it I was very confused as to what in the world I was doing.  So there you go, have fun laughing.

Rice harvest 
Elder Ang making a whistle out of a rice stalk.

Last of the Kampung Chhnang pics
Christmas at Looktaa and Lookyiay Belcher's house. Elder Kim is on first step.  After district meeting they fed us Christmas lunch.
On two separate nights this last week we rallied all the young men and young women in our ward and went around caroling at less-active member's homes.  We sang at probably 20 houses or so.  It was ridiculously fun and a great way to spread the Christmas spirit and reach out to others.  The youth had a blast.  It was so fun riding around in a huge gang with them.  Each night we probably had 20 or so people riding with us. 

We had these huge "He is the Gift" posters made telling the story of Christmas for our Christmas open house/party at the Stung Mean Chey building.  Several hundred people showed up.  It was a blast!

The Christmas Party

The MTC district (well most of us).  It is our sisters last Christmas on the mission (actually it's their only Christmas on the mission).  Next year's Christmas pics will just be me and the elders.

Me and Elder Johnson reunited!
Lehi (Elder Johnson), Jacob (me), and Joseph (Elder Carter).  Elder Carter is almost finished training with Elder Johnson up in Kampung Cham.
Khmae keyboard
South & East Zones Conference

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