Monday, October 6, 2014


Me and Pu Sokcia, the Elder's Quorum President in our ward
Wow! Transfer calls were just as crazy as everyone thought they would be! So Elder Johnson will be heading to Kampong Cham this Friday to train again! I will be here in Pochentong at least one more transfer (so at least until November 21) and my new companion is Elder Vuat! He is from Kampong Thom. I think he is like 22 or 23 (pretty much all Khmae missionaries are in their 20's). They have to work a while to have enough money to go). He's currently serving in Kampong Cham. I'm super pumped to serve with him. It will be super interesting spending all day every day with someone from a completely different culture from my own but I'm ready for the challenge! The Lord is going to help me find more humility and charity these next few weeks! Can't wait to have this new experience, which will help me to become more like my Savior! I'm sure that I will learn a ton from Elder Vuat. Hopefully I can help him in some way as well. The key to having a great companionship definitely is serving one another!

I got my first haircut in Cambodia last week! It was long overdue. My hair was the longest it had been since my sophomore year of high school. My haircut cost a dollar. Cambodia is the greatest. Things are so cheap here. Like for instance, this morning I had baay sac jruuk, which is a great, filling breakfast (even though it destroys my insides every time haha). It costs 3000 rial or 75 cents. The typical lunchtime meal in a restaurant usually costs about 6000-7000 rial or $1.5-1.75. Those meals come with an endless supply of rice, so it’s literally almost like unlimited food. A half-liter of coke costs 2000 rial or 50 cents. To fill up your bike tire with air costs 200 rial, or 5 cents for one, or 300 rial or 7.5 cents for both. A water bottle usually costs about 500 rial or 12.5 cents. Those super cool Cambodian ties I have cost $3 each. Cambodia is so cheap! I love it. The things that aren't cheap whatsoever are things that actually come from America. Like a 10 oz. box of Frosted Flakes costs $9. It’s obscene. We literally just buy knockoff brands for everything because it’s so much cheaper.

Elder Johnson and I in a tuk-tuk on the way to Saen So

This week I saw my first cockfight. Elder Johnson and I were riding down the railroad until we came to this huge crowd of people, which completely obstructed the path. So we just stood with our bikes about 20 ft. away and watched this cockfight they were having. It was brutal. I don't think either of the chickens really won because in the last couple rounds they both were so beat up that they couldn't walk straight. They would take a step or do and just stumble and then fall on their face. It was pathetic. Khmaes love it though. Elder Johnson said he's seen 3 or 4 cockfights on his mission.

This week we got 17 people at English class in Pochentong! We've been contacting like crazy for it. Holding signs seriously works so well. Our previous high attendance was 5 people I think. This week English class just shot up. It was super cool. We split the group into advanced and beginner. Elder Johnson and I taught the advanced class. It was super fun. Its weird how much you learn about English when you try and teach it to people. Like last week we tried to teach people about all the subtle ways that we use the word "get". It was super hard to explain. Haha. it's good that they have missionaries like us teaching them though. We have perfect empathy for what it is like trying to learn another language!

Contacting people on the street to attend English class

Here's an update on where everyone else is headed: Elder LeNguyen is khaet-hopping from Siam Reap to Battambang, Elder Paramore is staying in Kampung Thom (and Elder McGavin, one of the elders I live with is going up to be his companion), Elder Elieson is coming down to North zone, Elder Zierenberg is going to east zone I believe, Sister Uresk is going to Battambang, Sister Lindley is staying in north zone, Elder Christensen is staying in north zone, and I'm pretty sure that Sister Earl, Matthew, and Allen are all staying in South and East zone. So it's going to be way fun!

So like I said Sister Uresk, who is serving in Pochentong with us right now, is leaving, and her companion Sister Hartley is dying this week! Sister Kuac, a Khmae sister, is coming to Pochentong to train. If her trainee is a Khmae, that means I'm serving with all Khmaes, and I'm the only person who has any experience in Pochentong at all! It’s pretty much like I'm leading out for two companionships! Scary, but definitely a great growing opportunity!

At church on Sunday we had four investigators! It was awesome. It’s been a few weeks since we had that many investigators come to church. They are all gaining such strong testimonies. The power of the Spirit in the process of conversion is extraordinary. It is so powerful and can soften any heart.

I hope all is well! I hope general conference was amazing! I can't wait to watch it next weekend! I'm so excited. All the missionaries watch it in their native language, so I will be going to the north stake center and watching it in English with all the other Americans (well, and Elder Caine, who’s from Mauritius).

Have a great week! I love all of y’all!

Love Elder Neuberger

Phsaa Thmei, one of the biggest markets in Phnom Penh, if not the biggest 
The ceiling of Phsaa Thmei 
A big house in Pochentong  Cambodia seriously looks super feudal sometimes.  It looks like an Asian version of medieval Europe.

Street outside this hang baay we eat at every week.  It turned into a 6 inch deep river in literally 5 minutes.  Continually got deeper.  It floods in the blink of an eye here.

Street in our area

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