Monday, October 13, 2014

More of a note than a letter

Hey! Sorry my email this week is going to be kind of short. If I don't respond to a personal email from anyone this week please understand! Today is kind of hectic, plus Elder Vuut doesn't like emailing for a long time, so I'm doing what I can with what I have.

Dropping off Elder Johnson at the mission office for transfers.

It was sad saying goodbye to Elder Johnson on Friday, but I know that he is going to go do amazing things in Kampong Cham. On Friday I picked up my new companion Elder Vuut.  He's hilarious! He comes from Kampong Thom. He was just serving in Kampong Cham before he came down to Pochentong. He is 27 years old, which is 8 years older than I am. Kind of weird, haha. He was born in 1987. To give you some context:  when he was the age that I am now, I had just graduated elementary school. 

Elder Vuut
Elder Vuut is a great guy though, and I am really looking forward to serving with him in Pochentong. He speaks a ton of English too.  He definitely knows more English than I know Khmae. We speak Khmae and English almost an exact 50/50 split. Most of the time he speaks English to me and I speak Khmae to him, but we switch off sometimes. I don't know. I can't even remember what language my conversations are in anymore. People will ask me, "Was he/she speaking to you in Khmae or English?" and most of the time I have to tell people that I can't remember. It's all just pure meaning to me now. There's no difference between the two. I feel like I've made a lot of progress in the language the past couple weeks. My listening ability has certainly shot up recently. The gift of tongues is incredibly real!

I really want to write more, I'm so sorry, but Elder Vuut really wants to leave. I'm really sorry to have such a lame email this week. Conference was amazing, I loved it all. There was such a special spirit in the room as we all, as set apart servants of our Lord and Savior, finally got the opportunity to raise our arms and sustain the prophet and apostles of our Savior.

I'm so sorry, I'll try and email for longer next week and respond to everyone's personal emails! I love y'all, please don't be mad for my lame email! I didn't even get to read most of y'alls! But have great weeks, I'll talk to y'all next week!


Elder Neuberger

Frog legs!  This is what living with a Khmae is like.  I would have totally been down to eat them, but I was 100% sure that these had gone bad already based off the smell, so Elder Vuut ate them on his own.

Mangosteen juice.  The best juice in the world.  That's Thai writing on the box by the way, not Khmae.  Everything packaged you buy at the store comes from Thailand, Vietnam, China, Korea, or Japan.  Cambodia contributes absolutely nothing to the packaged food industry.

Gas you purchase for motos.  These stands are EVERYWHERE.

Government buildings in Phnom Penh


The only skyscapers in Phnom Penh.  You can see them from literally any place in Phnom Penh.

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