Monday, June 23, 2014

The Secret to Becoming a Superhero

Hey y’all! I hope y’all are all doing great because I sure am! That’s a bummer about the Jensons moving away. They'll be a real blessing to their ward in California though. Though I don't know what the girls are going to do about income now that their main client is gone! Man foil dinners sound so nice right now! But I'm absolutely just loving the jello and grey steak that we get to eat every day here!!!! Yummmm grey steak and clumpy sticky mashed potatoes – makes me salivate. Oh, and don't forget soggy French fries. Wouldn't be a meal at the MTC without them!

Thanks for sending me the championship shirt! I've worn it like 8 times since y’all sent it! Nana sent me just about the greatest package ever this week with clippings from the newspaper about the Spurs championship. That was real fun to read today!

The Book of Mormon has so many crazy stories like Ammon! You've got the people of Limhi as well as the people of Alma who both make crazy escapes from their captors! You've got Nephi and Lehi and their family who trek across Arabia and then sail across two oceans to reach the Americas! You've got the group of men who wander up north and find a land covered with bones and swords and ruins and they find some plates that end up being the record of the Jaredites! You've got missionaries who convert thousands of people at once! People are thrown into burning furnaces and are saved! Prisons fall around prophets and they emerge unharmed out of the rubble and dust! Armies and civilizations clash and war and as a result of their wickedness are killed to the last man! Cities are consumed by fire, earthquakes, floods, and landslides! Volcanoes go off! Men sneak into enemy’s camps and slay opposing kings! Assassins murder chief judges multiple times! Spies warn chief judges about assassins! The Book of Mormon is like the craziest action movie you've ever seen! And of course the craziest moment of the Book of Mormon is when the Nephites are rebuilding their temple, months after the terrible apocalyptic rage of nature destroys all of their cities, and Jesus Christ himself descends in a pillar of light in the midst of them and teaches them as they sit at his feet! Wow! In addition to its infinite spiritual power the Book of Mormon also just has a super cool narrative!

I'm excited to get Maddie’s package! Can't wait to see Jack this Wednesday! He said that Tyler Whittier is the person who is dropping him off, so that’s cool! Unfortunately I won’t be hosting anymore. We still get invited but our teachers felt like we were missing too much class time because of it, which is true. So that’s a bummer, but I appreciate that we won't lose so much class time anymore from hosting! This past Wednesday I got to host both Elder Gleason and Elder Wakes though, too of my best friends from BYU!

I hope y’all have fun at dance camp and tennis camp and EFY and work! I'll still be here! In Provo! Where I've been the last decade of my life it seems like!

That's cool that Elder Thorn is back! I love that "we are YOUR missionaries" thing. When I would go out with Elder Peine he made it a big point to do that as well. It worked so well when we were proselyting. It really personalizes it.

We had Janice Kapp Perry and her husband give our devotional last night. I guess she wrote like half the primary songbook. She is HILARIOUS. Her husband is even funnier! I haven't laughed that hard in a super long time (and that’s saying something because we laugh a ton as missionaries. We're just always so happy!)

So this week our Khmae tags came in! Everyone was crowded around Lookruu Oleson outside as he was handing them out! We were all SO pumped! One by one everyone got their new tags until the bag was empty. Mine weren't in there! My name wasn't even on the list that came with the bag! It was a huge bummer. Lookruu Oleson was like, “don't worry about it, I don't know what happened but you'll get yours before you leave.” I was like “I'm not worried,” but I wanted my now! It wasn't fun seeing everybody else get to have theirs, but whatever haha. Sisters Lindley and Uresk love to say that I'm actually not going to Cambodia after all. It was all a big mistake and I'm heading off to Kansas instead. Hahaha, that very well might be true, who knows.

The rumor is that this Tuesday Elder Christofferson will be speaking. That will be our 5th apostle! I don't know if I have told y’all yet but pretty much everyone in our district sings in the MTC choir! The director is hilarious and the songs we sing are just about the coolest songs ever! The version of “Praise to the Man” that we're going to be singing on Tuesday gives me chills all over my body.

The Khmae is still coming really well (I feel like I type that same exact sentence every week). I've gotten to the point where I can read without pauses in between words, but I still read suuuper slow. But it’s coming. Made big strides in vocab this week too.

I'm super excited for tonight! We're going to be skyping members in Cambodia every Monday night now till we leave! Elder LeNguyen and me are going to give a spiritual thought on tithing. Don't ask me why, but that’s what we felt prompted to speak on. I'm nervous to talk to a native Cambodian. It's not my first time though; I've gotten to speak to about 3 natives since I've been here. We'll do fine.

I feel like I'm leaving something out. I don't remember though... Too bad so sad. I love y’all! Have the best week of your lives!

Love Elder Neuberger

From the letter Mitch wrote to his 4 & 2 year old cousins:
Burgess: The food at the MTC is kind of gross, but I have to eat it or else I'm super hungry! They do have pineapple (I have a bowl of it with every single meal!). I think that they have purple juice, but I drink the pink juice. I like it better. I don't know if they have apple pie but they have an ice cream bar every Wednesday and Sunday! Keep wishing for the gift of tongues bud! Better to get started asking for it early! I'm also super glad that you love Scooby Doo! That was me and Maddie's favorite. See if your mom will buy you the Scooby Doo fruit snacks! Those are the best:)  Thank you for praying for me bud! It helps so much! Keep saying your prayers every morning and night! The secret to becoming a superhero like Spiderman is always praying to your Heavenly Father! Keep swimming too! Hopefully one day you can be a lifeguard like me, Maddie, and your mom!

Camille: Thank you for your prayers too! Also thank you for the pretty drawing!!
I hope that I have the gift of tongues too. I think it comes more and more everyday as I sanctify myself through obedience; but it certainly works a lot differently than I thought it would. Instead of just magically making me know the language, it stretches my brain so that I can remember more, it quickens my recall, it facilitates the rewiring of my brain so that I can read this new alphabet. Our district really is huge. We've heard that it is the biggest in the whole MTC.

A painting of Angkor Thom which we stole out of the old Cambodian classroom. By the way that writing to the left of my head in the painting is my Khmae handwriting.  It says, "Elder Neuberger wants to go to Cambodia but Elder Neuberger doesn't know Khmae!" (in Khmae you use third person to talk about yourself).

 Our Khmae bible. It's the sweetest bible in the world. Red, stamped, imprinted leather. 
Let's goooooo!!!!

The verse in Malachi about tithing which me and Elder LeNguyen will be reading tonight! Like actually reading! Crazy! 

 You probably think this is a picture of a room at the Ritz . . . but it is actually my room at the MTC.

 My study desk in my room

The typical p-day clothes of all the elders in my district. I'm sporting a t-shirt  basketball shorts, dress socks and crocs. We simply don't care.

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