Monday, June 16, 2014

Go Spurs Go


I actually found out last night. One of the Cantonese elders looks up sports scores like every day (haha,  I'm just like . . . whatever) and he was like "yo your spurs pulled it out baby!"  I went nuts. I was screaming and yelling for like 20 minutes straight. I was sooooo dang hyped. Then I had to say goodbye to the Cantonese elders which kind of put a damper on it.  I know that they'll kill it in Hong Kong. One of them, Elder Klein, is here another 6 weeks because he blew out his knee about 4 weeks ago (I was there when it happened.  It was scary).  I'm bummed for him but excited to be able to spend our last four weeks with him still here.

Man alive, could you ask for a better birthday present than that?  The Lord blesses his missionaries.  Oh my heavens, GOOOO SPURS! Timmy, Manu, and Pop had all better retire right now or I'll be ticked. They need to go out while they're on top. Please tell me that they're all retiring.

Anyway, now for unworldly stuff.  I hope that y’all had a fun time celebrating Maddie's birthday! Thank you so much for the package! I've worn that spurs shirt like 5 times already (could you also now please, please, please send me a spurs world champions shirt?  Thanks!) and that picture book is just what a missionary needs. I've told myself that the only time I'm allowed to look at it though is on p-days. This is the time for me to not reflect on myself and my life, but to turn outwards and focus on all of God's other children. My birthday was great though (well when I would actually stop to think that "oh hey it's my birthday"). At dinner despite my best efforts to prevent it, it got out that it was my birthday and Elder Klein pointed at me and yelled its elder Neuberger’s birthday! Then all the elders in my district pointed at me so that my shame would be great and then our whole zone (which is about 75 people) sang happy birthday to me in front of the whole MTC. Not fun . . . But it was a great birthday besides that. Yesterday Sheri Dew came to give our devotional. She's amazing. It's easy to see why she's quoted in like every gospel book written.

I'm glad youth conference went well! Chloe said that it was super fun! I like how y’all did personal service. It means a lot more to both parties when they can look each other in the eyes. That's really funny about Grandpa's counselors names all rhyming (Larry, Gary and Terry). By the way, thank you so much Honey and Grandpa for the letters and for the pen and notepad. That pen writes smoother than anything I've ever seen! It's the pen I use every night to write in my journal with. 

It’s cool that you just read about the sons of Mosiah this week because I just read through those chapters in my personal study earlier this week! Those same verses stood out to me! Being a missionary has me looking at every verse wondering how it pertains to my investigators. Those missionary chapters in Alma are especially relevant to me and my district because the Lamanites had no knowledge of God, just like the people we will be teaching in Cambodia. They are great examples and models of teaching to draw from.

I'm so glad that Jack's farewell was awesome. I don't see how it would have been anything but the greatest talk ever. He's such a stud. I finally got to email him today (he said that he had been emailing to the wrong email for the past few weeks.  I think everyone emails to mitch.neuberger instead of mitchell.neuberger). He's going to be awesome. I can't wait to see him in a week and a half!

I ran into Bro. Ferguson’s father-in-law this week! He's a volunteer at the MTC that I see all the time. He helps out with hosting a lot. During kind of a pause while I was hosting last week I was talking to him about where I'm from and he was like "you don't know the Fergusons by chance do you?" I was like "um yes I do! They're in my ward!"  He was super nice.

I thought this week I might tell you some of the insights I've gotten from devotionals here. We have the opportunity to hear from general authorities on a weekly basis and I think it would be selfish of me not to share some of their wisdom with y’all:

Elder Bednar:
-Priesthood keys are an umbrella. The man who holds the umbrella is doing just that, holding those priesthood keys for everyone, but everyone underneath it is blessed and operates under its influence.

Elder Evans of the Seventy:
-We are CALLED as missionaries, and ASSIGNED to a mission. He was talking about how the vernacular and phraseology of the church is wrong when we say "I've been called to serve in Cambodia"
-He said that President Uchtdorf told him that he and his wife pray every single day together to be strong enough to endure to the end.  Kind of eye-opening that even an apostle still has to strive with all his heart to get to the end.
-He quoted Elder Maxwell saying that "truth is, I don't have the Spirit with me always, but I'm getting better".  Kind of goes in line with what Uchtdorf said.
-Then he told us don't be stupid. Great advice for everyone I think

Stephen B. Allen, Managing Director of the Missionary Department:
-A passing grade as a missionary is that you're doing your very best.
-Ask for referrals. Find people during everything you do on your mission. "Do you know anybody who might be interested in our message? Who else? Who else? Who else? Who else? Who else? . . .”

Elder Russell M. Nelson:
-Never trivialize the sacred covenant of baptism in any way
-Each convert can become the top of a pyramid of posterity
-Having character is better than being one
-Listen carefully when someone tells you their name. Ask about it and its meaning. It can open the way very easily to discussion about families
-Let the content of the Jesus Christ subtitles in the topical guide be our source of study. Study one of those topics a week. There’s something like 47 of those Jesus Christ topics

Sister Hacking, wife of MTC Presidency counselor:
-The privilege to work is a gift, the power to work is a blessing, love of work is success
-Going home exhausted is not a bad thing in the slightest
-For the happiest, most fulfilled life, work!

President Hacking, counselor inthe presidency:
-It is better to be trusted than to be loved (David O. McKay)
-The Lord's constancy is what enables us to trust him. His word means everything. Let's have our word and our oath mean everything too. When we say “yes” let’s mean “yes”. When we say “no”, let’s mean “no”.

Sister Nally, wife of MTC president:
-Small things in our lives can hide the view of much grander things.

President Nally, MTC president:
-When speaking to strangers look into their eyes because the eyes are the windows of the soul
-Step up your worthiness and obedience every single day.
-Become one whom the Lord can trust.
-Always carry on your person a small picture of the Savior that you can look at throughout the day.

Elder Schwitzer of the Seventy:
-Helaman 5:11, we can fulfill the role of the angel.
-The ability to accept, receive, and keep commitments is a prelude to accepting, receiving, and keeping covenants.
-The members of the wards are your ministry.
-People don’t care if you can conjugate your verbs correctly. They care that you care.

Elder Quentin L. Cook:
-Look and act like you have the truth.
-Exemplify the message you teach. You are the message.
-Our assignment isn't just to be missionaries but to be ward and branch builders. We are not the church's marketing department. We are out there to establish the church.
-Make up your mind when you get to a branch that when you leave it it will be stronger, more active, and more spiritual than when you got there.
-Everyone in your life will be blessed by your missionary service.

Sister Dew:
-The key to unlocking the power of covenant sons and daughters is learning to unlock the power of Christ.
-Learning to hear the voice of the Spirit is like learning a new language. It has different vocab, different grammar, and different syntax. We can learn the language of the Spirit as we read the scriptures.
-Ask Heavenly Father to teach you what it sounds like when the Spirit is talking to you.
-It is hard to be a disciple of someone that you do not know.

So those are just a few of the speakers that we've been privileged to hear from in the last month. The list is only going to get longer, especially with the Mission Presidents’ seminar starting in a few days!

The language continues to come. Our whole district made a huge leap with the script this week. Our teachers from this point on will only be writing on the board in script, so it's sink or swim! But I know we'll all swim. I'm not worried about anyone.  Elder LeNguyen and I memorized the First Vision in Khmae this week! I shared it in a lesson. It's amazing to look in someone’s eyes as you tell them about the single greatest event in modern history quoting the exact words of the prophet who the event happened to.

Answering questions:
When do find out your travel schedule?  We will find out our travel schedule in a couple weeks. You find out after you've been here 7 weeks

Did you complete your vaccinations?  We've already received both Japanese encephalitis shots so that's out of the way. They're free, the church provides that specific shot.

Do y'all eat breakfast or skip it for more gym time? We go and pick up a sack breakfast right before gym and then go back and eat it in the residence hall and then go off to gym.  People have gym all day long, we lucked out on our morning time.

How is your companionship?  Elder LeNguyen is doing great! Still getting along super well.

I love y’all! Have a great week!!


 Bro Pic with Elder Elieson and Elder Yu

A picture of three different package slips. Feeling the love!

I also hooked myself up with some goodies at the bookstore: Stories from the Book of Mormon, Proclamation to the Family, the Living Christ, a hymnal, and the Restoration pamphlet, all in Khmae.

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